Here you can transmit confidential files securely to us.
Please consider reading our Imprint and our Privacy information about saving and processing of your data.

You may transmit multiple files at once.
Please consider splitting multiple files into separate transmissions, if one of the following limitations was exceeded otherwise:

  • The number of files at each transmission is limited to: 99 Files
  • The total size of all files within each transmission is limited to: 3GB ( Bytes)
  • Your upload bandwidth must be sufficient to finish the transmission during the timeframe of: 1 hrs
  1. Select your local files to be sent:
  2. You may provide an additional description if you like:
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  4. In closing, please wait, while all selected files will be uploaded. A full summary will be provided after completion.
    (If Javascript is enabled in your browser, a progress bar continuously shows the advancing transmission.
    Without Javascript you may only see a small reloading icon of the website during the entire transmission period.
    Please do not reload or close this website manually during the upload process to not interrupt the transmission.)